How to delete PicsArt account 2021

PicsArt is a very good and nice image editing software for all kind of operating system (Android, Apple, Iphone and Laptops) but before you could do anything on PicsArt application you need to have created an account with them then use it as login each time you want to edit images. So after successfully having an account with PicsArt, to delete your account is something else.

Then a question like below subheading would pop-up on your mind.

Why won't picsart let me delete my account

Well i guess not only PicsArt does that, many companies hate it when they see someone tries to delete an account, because they believed, you leaving is either you left their company for another or better still i will said they don't want to loss customers. but guess what, today i will be helping you some steps to follow and your PicsArt account will be deleted permanently with no remnants. 

How to delete picsart account permanently

1). Tap. to go to your Profile tab.

2). Tap Edit Profile.

3). Scroll down and tap Delete Profile.

4). Select the reason for deleting your profile and tap Delete Profile to finalize the process.

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