How to block sim card

Previously i wrote an article on how to block Airtel sim card here on this blog and after written that article, i came to discovered that many searches on the internet is centered how to block sim card which is a universal question that needs solution for any kind of sim card. Isn't it? yes is it, so with the huge and wide range public take on this, i have no choice other than to prepare an article covering this particular aspect since a blogger main purpose, aims and objectives is to help users solves their problem through the internet using articles.

Why block sim card

1). Primarily and ultimately, the most common reason why people blocked their sim card is when they can't find it or peradventure the sim card is inside a stolen or missing cellphone.

2). Secondarily, which is not a common reason why people blocked their sim card is when they want to switch to a new network and they want their registration profile on the sim card to be cleared.

Do you really need to block a sim card

The answer is Yes, in fact you need it more than anything else most especially if you can't get a hold of it. below are my reasons:

1). The era we are today is full of bad people, someone could easily picked up your sim card when found and use it to commit a crime. and as we all know the policemen to track criminals, first they will start by collecting is phone number, calls, text messages, registration profile etc from the service suppliers network.

2). Due to high rate of scammers in the society, lost or stolen cellphone with sim card inside could easily be used for transaction. thus moving huge amount of money from your bank without your consent.

How to block sim card

To block sim card on any network in your state, country just all is through contacting your service provider network using another phone number on the same network as yours or better still, pay a visit to a nearby sim card registration agent according to the network you are using and request for a sim block.

In addition, another way you could easily block your sim card is through sim card swap commonly known as sim welcome back. this when done, the missing sim card will became inactive and you will given a new sim card retaining the previous phone numbers.