How to activate deactivated mtn sim

Mtn yellow everywhere you go as the name implies is widely used in most countries which is the best when it comes to reliable network provider with fastest browsing for internet surfers and message/calls making. I believe am telling the truth? Yes, that is why countless time you would have came across situations whereby, when other network provider is having difficulty in network like slow browsing, calls not going through, recharging of airtime not working etc. you will find out that MTN network is still functioning well and sound.

Mtn network as gone far compare to other networks but the only issues with mtn network is; they don't always do give away. aside that, they are the best you should use as primary or hot line for businesses and personal use. 

Now to the real thing that brought us here "how to activate deactivated mtn sim card" that i will be discussing on how you can go about it.

How to activate deactivated mtn sim card

1). Insert your mtn sim card into your phone  and recharge airtime then make calls with it. if it works, then you have just successfully activate your mtn sim card.

2). If the above did not work for you, then you have no choice than to put a call through to mtn customer service agent using another perfectly working mtn sim card. tell them about the issue you are having, wait patiently while they run a check on your phone number and also have it at the back of your mind that you are going to provide answers about registration details in regards to your sim card.

3). Visit mtn outlet closer to you for registration of the sim card.

Important information on mtn sim card that cannot be reactivated

Do know that MTN recycle prepaid lines after 360 days and Consumer Postpaid lines after 540 days of inactivity.

Before this exercise, lines are deactivated at 180 days and 270 days of inactivity respectively. During the deactivated period which is now 180 – 360days for MTN prepaid and 270 -540 days for Consumer Postpaid, you can recharge and perform a qualifying revenue-generating activity such as make a call, send an SMS, browse, etc. to reactivate your phone number. except you activate (Keep My Number) service.

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