Free mtn airtime pin number generator

Buying recharge cards for our sim cards for call making or data subscription is something that isn't easy at all for everyone but we just had to squeeze the little we have and bought airtime because we humans needs to communicate. So then a times on my own side here i might not even recharge airtime for complete three days simply because i am not having enough. but recently i got to discovered something helpful through a friend of mine about generating free pin number on mtn, though it not really a pin number but a way to get free recharges cards on your mtn sim card steady.

Free airtime pins 2021 mtn

Here are what you should do, first of all search for each of the below names on Google play store and download the application, then open an account with them providing your details correctly. 

1). Palmpay

2). Opay

After successfully completely having an account on them, now navigate to your referrals code pick it up, share it to your social media platforms. invite as much as you can and earns money then through the application you can be recharging your mtn sim card.

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