buy cheap paypal accounts

PayPal account verification is one of the main reason people buy PayPal accounts which is nice if you could get an opportunity to buy cheap ones, because most of those that sells PayPal account tends to make it extremely expensive making it difficult for average person to obtain. so if you are among those looking for cheap PayPal accounts then you are in the right place because here in this article am going to help you with places to visit on the internet to get verified PayPal account at an affordable price.

Cautions of buying paypal accounts

Here before i proceed further with paypal account for sale sites i will like to tell you the risk involved and what to do to be on the safe side.

1). When you purchase PayPal accounts always remember first is to change the password to a very strong password that cannot be guess.

2). Remember to change the primary email associated with the paypal account. This is very important because when you bought paypal account you are certainly not going to buy it with the email address. meaning the seller will only give you the login details and he will still keep his Gmail. so it very much important you should change the primary email address to be free from future risk.

3). Purchase from reliable sources, this you should concern about because many people have been scammed through this means. So what i will suggest is you should use escrow when buying PayPal accounts. (escrow 
is a written agreement or property or money delivered to a third party or put in trust by one party to a contract to be returned after fulfilment of some condition).

List of places to buy verified paypal account (cheap)

1). Social media group: social media group chat most especially Facebook group is one of the place you could purchase cheap paypal accounts with less stress. Just join a group like "bloggers forum group, business group, etc" and make a post that you are in need of verified PayPal account.

2). From a family or friend: another simplest place to buy cheap PayPal accounts is from your relatives and close close one's.

3). You can also get cheap PayPal account by making a post on popular forums like Nairaland, Quora, Medium, Warriors forums etc that you need PayPal accounts.

4). Purchase from experts: cheap PayPal accounts can be purchased from experts that deals with PayPal auctioning. you can easily get their contact information from fiverr.

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