Swagbucks in nigeria: review, app, naira, minimum withdrawal and how to make money

Earning real money online on platforms is a kind of hard for Nigerians to believe because almost all the companies i have seen that looks promising at first, ends up betraying people trust thus paying for some few months before closing the company website. At times some platforms will even go to the extent of bringing in new features like "Onboarding" after then the platform will shutdown completely. So because of that reasons, i carried out some research on platforms that pays Nigerians which i discovered Swagbucks

What is swagbucks in Nigeria

Swagbucks at first is not for Nigerians that is why most searches on Google about swagbucks is:

  • Can i do swagbucks in Nigeria?
  • Can you use swagbucks in Nigeria? 
  • Swagbucks app in Nigeria

The answer are all "Yes"

Swagbucks in Nigeria is an online platform that pays those that participate or performs daily tasks activities like; watching YouTube video, likes and comments on social media, polls, survey etc. which is one of the easiest way of earning money online.

Swagbucks pays in SB which could be withdrawn through gifts card or converted to naira and receive payment through your Nigeria local bank account.

Swagbucks review/ legit

Having said this earlier swagbucks is a legit platform that pays people in Nigeria and other countries because i have seen many of my friends making withdrawals from it but the only thing is you need to perform tasks daily to earns meaningfully.

Minimum withdrawal on swagbucks to naira

Remember i said swagbucks pays in sb which the minimum withdrawal is $3 to naira it Will be around #1000+ depending on dollar value.

How to make money on swagbucks

1). Swagbucks survey: On swagbucks you can earn money in Nigeria just by taking some survey. for those who don't know survey is an online poll companies uses to gather people opinions about certain issues meaning you are not only earning but helping companies in decision making.

2). Swagbucks youtube: Many people waste their bundles data plan on watching YouTube whereas they could have use it on swagbucks and make money directly into their bank account. Swagbucks youtube is a short video clips that you can leverage on and make money if you are not good in taking survey.

3). Swagbucks refers: Another way you can make money on swagbucks is through referring interested people into the platform. in fact if you combine swagbucks survey task, YouTube tasks all together you will be withdrawing back to back.

4). Swagbucks search: You could also earn money daily using swagbucks search engine to short for answers. just like Google, bing.

How to join swagbucks

1. Go to www.swagbucks.com

2. Sign up using your email address or your facebook account

3. Set a strong password for your account

4. Confirm your email

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