Poultry farming business plan for farmers in Nigeria

For a business to succeed a well prepared business plan is needed, which does not matters the kind of business you intend writing it for, and a good reason for a need of a business plan is simply for guidance and direction towards the company or organization success. business plan here in today's article is for poultry farming business. 

Poultry farming is among businesses thriving in Nigeria today which as potential that could get one rich overnight but many poultry farming business owners here in Nigeria are not making it simply because most of them vent into the business without making proper research about how the business is, or how it should be managed. Aside that whether you conduct a research or not, you still need a business plan for your poultry farming business.

Poultry or chicken farming business plan

To come up with the very best poultry business plan you need to follow the below:

1). Ask yourself how deep you want to go into this business: 

Poultry farming business is wide, you should choose which field you want to based on. For example you can concentrate on egg supplies, meats sales, etc just select one.

2). Resources is needed: 

It is very good to know "what","how" much resources needed to start and keep your poultry farming business running, that should always be included when preparing a business plan because when you know, it became easy to guess or predict how much it would cost to get started or if you want to took a budget.

3). Conduct a market analysis: 

It crystal clear that many business owners out there doesn't seem to know how to conduct market analysis, talk more of using it to their advantage. Market analysis helps you understand what people at the market you supplies your products to, really wants and by knowing, it gives you an edge to improve on your products and also helps you beat your competitors. so since this business plan is for poultry farming business, the market needs maybe they want bigger eggs & chickens  or the price to be less.

4). Know when to rear if you don't have those to supply: 

poultry farming business as seasons that it demand skyrocket most especially if you are rearing for the sake of selling your fowls but if you are rearing to sells eggs then you don't need to bother much because virtually everyday people purchase eggs. For those rearing for sake of selling the chicken i will advise you to first of all get someone that you will be supplying to, else you have no choice than to target festive  period like Christmas, New year, Easter etc.

5). Lost should be considered: 

Fowls you rears can be affected by any external factors that could leads to death, such is lost to your company not gain which should always be considered in poultry farming business.


Just as any other businesses a business plan is very important for growth and success of your company.

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