Once someone pays you on paypal can they take the money back

We are in era where people makes numerous transaction on the go cashlessly, thus making transfer of money to far distance easier than before whereby people have to visit or rely on their banks to transfer money. One among the best and very secure transaction cash app is "PayPal".

PayPal is a secure cash app that you can send and receive your hard earned money trustfully from people in all over the world down to your country local bank account. The app have awesome features for it's users, and they charges on transactions are way too okay. those are the things about PayPal cash app for those who know.

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Now let get down to today's main topic about money scammed on Paypal;

Do know even with the highest security a cash app can have it can still be hijacked by scammers but all depends on what you have done at your end to make access to your account visible because no one can ever hack a cash app like PayPal.

Once someone pays you on Paypal can they take the money back

These is among trending question on the internet about PayPal cash app which i will like to explain "how" and "why" such happens to some people.

Having said this that PayPal is more than secure for hackers to break in and stole money but if you open a PayPal business account and you select refund of funds to costumers on the service you rendered, then the money can be taken back by someone who pays you. 

Additionally, if the sender of the money select buyers option when sending funds to you, such person can take the money back if your services rendered is not to is taste.

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Can you get money back from PayPal friends and family

Don't use this option if you are not too sure about the person you wants to send fund to, because if you do, PayPal cash app will not put the payment on hold for refunds. Meaning, when you use the friends and family option to send funds from your PayPal account to another, then you are certain you trust the receiver wholeheartedly. So don't use because you won't be able to get the money back if scammed.

Does Paypal refund money if scammed

PayPal cash app will not refund money if the scammer have access to your account and he/she made transaction from your account to another. precisely, PayPal cash app is very good in holding buyers payments funds for refunds if selected when paying for goods and services online. aside that any other way you got scammed PayPal can't help you recovered scammed funds. So be careful.

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I got scammed on PayPal friends and family

If you got scammed on Paypal friends and family honestly you can't get your money back because that option clearly means you trust the receiver wholeheartedly that is why you make the transaction family and friends else buyers payments option should have been the best payment option to use if you want to recover money back from scammers.

PayPal scammed by seller

This you should be very careful because many scammers now are abusing this option to their advantage which is too bad for someone who don't know. So when you are too sure of your products and you wants to receive payment through PayPal on a business account don't enables buyers payments refunds, or better still always receive your payments through PayPal personal account then move it to your business account.

How to get refund from Paypal for items not received

Here this only works if you make you transaction buyers payments option else it won't work if you use the family and friends payment option. So to  get your money refund from Paypal for items not received you just need to contact PayPal supports team to do that for you, which in the next 12--24 hours you will receive your fund back intact without any charges deduction.

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I know this piece will go a long way in helping you understood how PayPal funds takes back, refunds and others so be careful with your login details in other not to get your hard earned money moved by scammers. 

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