Longer or short content which rank better 2021

longer or short content which rank better 2021

Ranking higher on search engines is something each and every brand and website owners will never want to miss, because search engines most especially Google have audience around the world that are most likely to be interested in your services.

A lot depends on search engines traffics while others who don't know it's effectiveness depends solely on social media traffics. Well the two source of traffics are the same afterall, we should be after traffics that convert to sales or profits. 

Here in this article we are considering the search engines traffics known as (organic traffics).

What are organic traffics?

Organic traffics for those who don't know, are pure free traffics coming from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex search engines etc. which is really the best traffics one can drive to his or her blog and for a blogger to enjoy these traffics, one need to rank high with unique written articles, bringing us to today's topic about which articles ranks high between short and long written articles.

Long or short articles which ranks better

1). Long written articles isn't equivalent to high ranking, in fact it not a ranking factor but long written articles according to many seo expert reviews we were made to understand that it tends to rank more than short written one. Why?  because long written articles covers the topic and goes more deep in explanation. I know many of you will be wondering why some short articles ranks high above long written articles, well that's depends on so many factors which are: Domain age, niche, website authority, numbers of quality backlinks pointing to such blog, seo level, blog load speed, articles seo friendliness etc. but never choose to write your blog articles short because even if you eventually ranks high on Google the bound rate of your blog will be high which Google can uses that as a good reason to derank the post.

2). Long or short articles have specific niches that they are best suitable for. like a website about entertainment can choose to publish short contents and ranks high while a content based niche like blogging tutorials might not rank well if publishing short articles, so always put this into consideration before deciding whether to publish long or short form articles on your blog.

3). Another thing you should consider when it comes to long and short written articles is the quality not quantity. Google can choose to rank any, whether short or long so far it is unique, quality and will solves searchers problem. Why? Well i will said it obvious most contents writers tries to manipulate ranking through repeating words in other to have their articles long, but guess what Google crawlers cut up with them and that strategy stopped working. So if the article you are about writing requires long or short written form please always consider quality over quantity.

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