Joint business plan

Business plan is always what you need to strive in that business of yours and to increase chances of succeeding you an effective one.

 For those who want to partner with someone in existing, starting or launching a new business you too need a business plan known as (joint business plan) because if you don't prepare one, am sorry to say that joint business may not head towards the right direction. 

So read till the end and apply them in your joint business plan.

What is joint business

Joint business is coming together of two, three, four, many to launch a business in which the profits and lost are shared equally among them. Joint business is a good form of business if your partners are trusted, trustworthy, hardworking and focused.

How to create effective joint business plan

1). The very first thing to be included in joint business plan is agreement: without agreement in joint business anything that follows is a waste. what am saying is you and your partners need to come to a concrete agreement whether "written" or "voice" to be used as an evidence if some thing happens in the future. 

In this agreement everything about sharing or bearing lusts and profits in the business lies here including physical and financial contributions.

2). What to name the business and the logo: naming the company comes next after concrete agreement on equal contribution which is an integral part of a business start up, and this business is joint so do know that it can't be named after one person it as to be conclude decision from everyone that participated. Through discussion and suggestions that would be easier to arrive at one name for the business.

3). Everyone involved are equal: aged, circumstance, level doesn't matters in joint business, everyone involved are all equal. meaning; they should be a room for opinion and everyone is expected to say something when they is a need for decision making, so this should be included when preparing a joint business plan.

4). Everyone involved should conduct market analysis: this is vital and needed if you guys want to excel in the business. because through this research, everyone involved in the joint business will know more about "what people needs are", "competitors", "how the market works", "do & don't of the business", then use it to their advantage.

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