How to support your friends small business

They are many ways to be of support to your friends small scale business which could be financially, materially and spiritually. the greatest of it all is through financial aspect because money is almost what a small business needs the most to strive but that doesn't mean you should neglect the other ways of supporting your friends small business. so do you want to be of help to your friends small scale business? then it is the best thing to do, if truly you guys friendship is of a genuine one. Below are some of the popular ways you can support your friends small business and if you have other ways aside these ones listed, please render the assistant and surely one day you shall reap the rewards of your handwork.

How to support your friends small business for free and with substance

1). Give him money to add up to his business.

2). Help he promote and announced is business to people that are likely to be interested in his products.

3). Be of assistance to him in terms of knowledge and experience.

4). Be concerned about his business and ask regularly if is business is moving fine.

5). Encourage him to be focused and be patient be small scale business takes time to flourish.

6). Remember him in your prayers.