How to start crayfish business in Nigeria

Crayfish business is nice and profitable business one can start in Nigeria, but many don't know because crayfish can easily be gotten from the market without stress and those selling it are mostly midwives, women, widows etc thus making the business looks local in most people face. Well it might looks local, but certainly this business as being proven to be a profitable business for everyone both rich or poor.

Why should you start crayfish business

1). Crayfish is always at high demands in the market

2). Crayfish business is less popular, meaning the chances of being successful is high

3). Crayfish business will never go out of business

4). Crayfish business requires less capital to get started

5). Crayfish business is less stressful to get started and up running

What is crayfish business all about?

Crayfish business like any other businesses is nothing much other than buying and selling. You buy at an wholesale price and resell at a retailer price which is very much easier to start and up running than most businesses here in Nigeria.

Note: One important thing you should have in mind before or after starting Crayfish business is; you should always go for best quality not quantity because when your crayfish have the sweetened, unique quality people will love to patronize your products better than your competitors which is a good sign that will determines your success.

Where to purchase or import crayfish in Nigeria

You can source for crayfish dealers in the market and discuss business with them but the most preferable i will suggest you pay a visit to these below listed states because my research made me came to a conclusion that they have the very best crayfish here in Nigeria.

Oron, Ibaka, Ondo, Ibeno, Calabar, Bayelsa and Oyingbo and Iddo market in Lagos

How to and how much to start crayfish business in Nigeria

Having said this earlier that this business is for all including the poor, so to get this business started you need nothing less than #25,000 --- #100,000 at most which i believe it really not much of an amount to try a business.

You need suppliers, this is divided into two which are; those that you will buying from, and those that you will be selling to. So get them prepared else you can't get started.

A place to start the business is another most important thing you should know you need to put in place before venting into crayfish business.

Workers and package leather is needed, you can't do the work alone you need to employ people that will be working for you. and you need a package leather that will carry's your company logo, factory address, number etc which is not a must but for you to beat your competitors you need it to scale higher than them.

That is that about starting a profitable crayfish business in Nigeria, please help share with your friends, drop your comment if you need clarification and always visit for fresh articles.