How to start a delivery business in nigeria

Delivery business in Nigeria is a kind of less popular among other businesses but it is a unique, profitable and nice business to start here in Nigeria if only you could start it.

Why delivery business in Nigeria

  • It less competitive business.

  • Post offices in Nigeria don't do delivery.

  • It less stressful business.

  • No skills required to start or manage this business.

Requirements for starting a delivery business in Nigeria

1). Bike or vehicle: this is the most important thing needed in this business which you should consider getting one if really you want to start delivery business, because having a means of transportation will helps lower spending expenditure.

2). Delivery container: You need this too if you want's to deliver goods to many people at a time which is the best option to saves you from burning unnecessary fuel.

3). Workers: You alone cannot run delivery business you need to employ as many as possible to make the business less stressful.

4). Business name and logo: It clear no one will like to entrust is goods in your hand if your business name is not registered under CAC corporate affairs commission. so choose a name go to and register and find a logo that will distinguish your business from others.

5). Book for keeping records: It nice if you have journal that keeps records of those you receive and deliver goods to.

6). You need contact number, email, website and location to set up this business.

How to start a delivery business in Nigeria

The only thing needed in starting this business is: Capital like at least close to a million naira to get all the above listed requirements ready.

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