How to outrank your competition in google (8 steps)

How to outrank your competition in google (8 steps)

Google is the best when it comes to a place to seek for pure free organic traffics that convert either for a brand, businesses or website and to outrank competitors in your choose field or niches, they are lot to put in place because gone are the days where bloggers published any thing and ranks well through blackhat SEO known as search engines manipulation but now in this era technology as gone beyond smartness of what humans could ever imagine, Google search A.I crawler are now smarter to the extent that they can easily detect any dubious tactics to manipulate high ranking, which at the other hand doesn't mean it impossible to get your competitors outranked. here i will discuss with you how to outrank competitors.

What does outranking competitors means?

This in a simple sentence means to be at the top or above others in your choose field and the worse that could ever happened to you; is you not knowing who your competitors are. That many bloggers thought less of, and outranking became a bit hard or impossible. remember i said a bit impossible because it still possible to outrank without you knowing who those competitors are but for fast and speedily results i will suggest you know them because when you do, it gives you an edge to study and know what they do to attained success.

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How to know your competitors

It very much easy to know who your competitors are, through the help of an online keywords research tools such as Semrush, Moz, Ahref, Ubersuggest etc. and you can also use Google or any search engines tools to know who your competitors are because the above mentioned keywords research tools have paid version and free version which is not advisable to use the free version, but if it a paid version you will enjoyed it. And to know who your competitors are with search engines, you need to type a seed known as keywords related to your blog niche into any search engine and visit all the websites on the first page, read their articles, digest all the format they used in their articles and apply it when writing your blog articles.

Now the real deal 

How to outrank competitors on Google and other search engines

1).  Focus on a niche and become an authoritative blog in your chosen niche before incorporating other niches:

These many bloggers and seo experts missed which is really an important part on your end to be achieved, that i learnt from shoutmeloud that a website focusing on a particular niche known as micro niche blog tends to receives high ranking favour from search engines, because crawlers that rank websites above others believes the owner of the website must be an expert or experience in such niche.

Profitable micro niche blogging niches in Nigeria

2). Unique and quality contents is required:

Just as many bloggers usually said contents is the king above all things in blogging sphere. yes it is, because without contents, starting a blog is of no need, and to be able to outrank your competitors you need seo friendly contents, problem solving contents and engaging contents that will drives traffics to your blog. So to achieve contents uniqueness you need to create and publish articles that beats your competitors, (ten times better). here you can learn how to create unique contents.

3). Dofollow backlinks is needed: 

I actually don't want to made mentioned of backlinks but it still plays an important role in outranking competitors on search engines most especially Google because a backlink is considered as vote to a website meaning, if a blog contains unique and quality contents no doubt websites will love linking to such blog which in returns increases the website that have the unique contents authority and search engine visibility. So don't or never neglect the power of backlinks, learn how to build backlinks here.

4). Domain age matters: 

It clear that most blogs ranking high on Google are launched some years back which is not easy to outrank most especially if the website accumulate more quality backlinks and have receives trust from Google but that doesn't mean you can't outrank them, all you can do to be at the top or above such blogs is to gradually increase and optimise your blog visibility, remembered i cited above that you should know, who, what, things your competitors are doing and apply it to your blog.

5). Consistency and patience is needed:

They is no way you could ever got to the top of Google without consistency in contents publishing, new fresh articles are needed to gain your competitors position on Google and patience is another thing you should have in mind because it not easy i repeat, to outrank competitors with an aged website. And one thing that can keep you running and pushing is for you to select a niche that you are passionate about and never thinks about money, thinks about how you will satisfy your audience and visitors through your evergreen articles.

6). Optimise your blog for fast loading: 

Recently google introduce page experience in google search console which is all about how often your page loads faster (Speed) the rate which a blog loads can affect a blog ranking and if you want to outrank your competitors you need to make sure your blog loads faster less than 3s at most because the reason why Google search engine introduce page experience is nothing other to satisfy blog-readers. No one will wait for a blog that load for donkey years to appear, so optimise your blog for fast loading, use Google page core to test your website loads speed.

7). Start with low competitive keywords: 

I supposed to start this article with low competitive keywords research but i decide to have it here. Low competitive keywords are keywords with monthly huge search volume but less competitive which are easy to rank with. Low competitive keywords research does not only help you ranks but also helps in your blog growth because those blogs or websites above you on Google started with targeting low competitive keywords before moving to high competitive keywords, which you too is ideally to start with. 

Semrush, Ahref and Ubersuggest paid tools are best for beginners. Or learn how to do keywords research for free

8). Never neglect on page seo: 

Backlinks building are off page seo while on page seo are what you yourself is doing on your blog or website to increase search engines crawler easy understanding of your pages. here are the things you should make use of, when writing your blog articles for outranking competitors.

Title, permalink, image alt, label or tag, meta tag description and the body of your articles should contains targeted keywords but don't overdo it because Google may considered it as keywords stuffing thus makes high ranking difficult to achieved.

9). Remember to submit your blog sitemap to google: 

This part can easily be forgotten by a beginner blogger and pro bloggers, so that is why i included it on the list in order to remind you because it's also plays an important role in outranking competitors on Google. A sitemap is a file containing urls of your entire blog which always ends with .xml extension. Learn how to submit your blog sitemap to google search console here.


Those are the ways you can use to outrank your competitors on Google and other search engines, just work towards it and surely at the later end you will see a good results.

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece, feel free to drop off your comment on the box, remember to share and always visit for latest updates.

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