How to make money on opay app

Working 7-10 hours daily doesn't means you gonna get rich quickly what makes one rich is ability to leverage on profitable business opportunities that comes your way both online and physical. and here today i have one online business i will like to introduce you to, which is Opay free money cash app!

What is opay?

Opay is a cash app for sending and receiving funds from any where in the world but mostly used by Nigerian for pos (point of sale) business. aside that opay can be used to pay light bills, satellite recharge, data and airtime recharging etc on the go. and when it comes to a rewarding online cash app Opay is one of the best that credits you each time you performs a particular task daily. example of such task is; recharging your phone through the app, logging in daily etc. that is that about opay for those of you who don't know, now i will go properly into today's discussion.

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How to make money through opay app

They numerous ways you could earn money from opay app here i will list them out and explain.

1). Referrals

2). Agent

3). Performing task


Many opay users don't know some people are taking advantage of the referral options in their opay dashboard to earn money daily. yes it took me some time to realize that too and since then earning from referrals is one my greatest way i gathered money on opay. referrals on opay means referring people to download opay app through your referrals link and when they click and sign up successfully you earns a commission. (opay referral code)

2). Agent: 

This earnings is like referrals but not really because here you earns based on percentage. for instance you take opay app as a business and you started recharging data and airtime or even go higher by sending money for people through the app, you will earns on percentage because like the airtime of #100 you get it for #90-95 and the first 3 transaction you made daily is for free. So that is how you make from if you becomes an agent.

3). Performing task: 

You could be earning from tasks you performs daily, like logging in everyday is a task on it own which as it's rewards, buying recharge cards daily also have it's rewards and they are many others activities to be performed daily that can fetches you money.

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