How to know if someone has stolen your identity

Identifying, whether your identity is stolen should be one of the things you check regularly because an identity thief aims and objectives is to fraud target and is close one's, which is a very serious crime that needs attention. 

How to know if someone had stolen your identity

1). Check your bank account and see if you notice unfamiliar transactions.

2). A strange credit loan statement appears in your name.

3). You stop receiving your regular mail. This may indicate that someone has changed your billing address.

4). A collection agency contacts you regarding default accounts that you do not know about.

Bills relating to unfamiliar medical procedures arrive with your name on them.

5). Multiple tax returns get filed in your name.

6). A company you gave your information to reaches out to you about a data breach.

7). Credit cards, social security cards, or other similar information gets stolen.

8). A friend, family or close one's called saying you chatted with them, when you didn't.

9). Can't access your social media accounts.


Try as quick as possible to identify identity thief's because one of the most disgusting part of it all is; target close one's are the ones that will fall prey to those identity thief's schemes.