How to delete your opera news hub account

Opera news hub is a free platform, fastest and easiest ways contents writers can easily earn money from contents they publish and the main reason are: 

  • Not everyone can withstand or undergo stress of launching a blog.

  • Perhaps it could be spending expenses.

  • Blogging frustration etc.

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Now to the point if you have joined opera news hub and you want to delete your account then you should consider reading this article till the end because am certain opera news hub doesn't allows writers close their accounts once signed up.

How to delete your opera news hub account

Here i have three steps you can follow to delete your opera news hub account.

Step 1

1). Login to your Opera News Hub account. Go to menu and click the “Deletion Page”. Click on the big red button. That’s all your account will be deleted. You can click HERE to reach the deletion page.

Step 2

2). Delete your Gmail account associated with your opera news hub account: This i always tell those signing up for online stuffs to segment personal Gmail from business Gmail as well as online earning platform Gmail in case something like this happens in future.

Step 3

3). Published things against their policy: You may be able to delete your opera news hub account but when you post things against their policy they might terminate your account depending on how bad the post is.