How to block sim card airtel

Airtel is one of the best network in India and others countries because of it's cheap tariffs plan for calls, internet surfing, alongside it's fast customer support services which is the most important option for all users facing issues on their sim cards.

Now to the point how to block sim card airtel. before i give you the steps to block your Airtel sim card i will like to advice you to consider searching for the sim card first if misplaced because after you block the sim card it will become useless, but if your phone is stolen or you lost it and you can't get a hold of it then you can proceed in blocking the sim card temporarily until you have done the welcome back.

How to block sim card airtel

To block sim card airtel all you are to do is contact Airtel customer service on 121. listen to the options and select the option "transfer" to a "customers care representative" or "speak" to an "agent". Aftet which someone as picked up, tell them your phone is stolen and you want to block the sim card. be patient because they will ask you some questions regarding the sim card, if it corresponds with what they have on their database, within 12--24 hours the sim card will be blocked until you request to be unblocked. meaning after you have blocked your airtel sim card and you need the sim card again, all you need to do is contact the service provider again to unblock it for you.

Note: If the details you gave did not match with their database they will not help in blocking the sim card so try as much to answer any questions accurately.