Glo welcome back and requirements 2021

When a phone is misplaced or got stolen the only choice left to do, is the sim welcome back.

What is sim welcome back?

Sim welcome back for those who don't know is all about swapping registered number from one sim to another, precisely (old to new sim pack). which will enables you recover your initial primary number that is inside the cellphone that was stolen or lost.

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Also, you can be required to carryout sim welcome back when your sim card plate surface area as damaged or in a scenario whereby you purchased a new smartphone and your sim doesn't fit in into the sim slot, then you went to have the sim cut. on getting there, the person who is to cut the sim card says to you that your sim card is of old version, meaning after cutting it might stopped working.

So i believe by now you must have understood what sim welcome back is.

Now to the main point.

How to do glo welcome back in 2021.

Glo sim card welcome back 2021 is not much stressful, in fact it just as the same way as it was before but slight differences which i will start with listing out it's requirements.

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Glo welcome back requirements

1). Government issued I.D card is needed (Any)

2). You must be the primary owner of the sim card with your name registered on it

3). Must have link your NIN number with your glo sim card before you misplaced it or better still visit any courtyard and collect affidavit before going for the welcome back.

4). You need to go with at least three to four numbers you call frequently.

5). You will be captured both face and thumbs.

6). Money is needed to get the sim replacement done.

After everything your glo sim card welcome back will be done for you which in the next 12-24 hours your sim card will became available and up running.

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