Fish farming business plan

 Fish is a white meat animal sometimes more preferable than red meats for health care and whenever i heard or someone told me that he/she wants to go into fish farming business, i always suggest they should prepare an effective business plan which will serve as a roadmap towards their company success. 

Why business plan for fish farming?

1). Business plan stand as a roadmap that guide or lead your company to success

2). Business plan helps understood statistics of the overall business

3). Business plan can help you know the number and amount of resources needed to start and running of the business

4). Business plan contains goals to be achieved.

Fish farming business plan

1). Acquire knowledge: 

The very first thing to do before getting started with fish farming business is; 

You should gather enough knowledge about how to run the business from those that are experienced in the field, or better still purchase books about fish farming through the internet or at bookshop, learn and always remember to jot, ask questions then put what you have learnt in practice. 

2). Conduct market analysis: 

This is most important you shouldn't neglect when drafting a business plan, because when you conduct market analysis you get to know what people want are in fishing aspect. For example market needs on fish can be;

  • Bigger or smaller fish
  • Price per fish to be less
  • High demand in cat fish, jelly fish, monster fish etc.

3). You need a pond: 

Just like the way we humans live on dry land, fish habitation is water and to get started you need a fish pond constructed in such a way that dirty water can be drained out of the pond and another channel for fresh water to go into the pond. plumber can do that for you at an affordable rate.

4). Fish food is needed: 

Fish needs food for growth and survival, though they are stages whereby you can feed them anything like earthworm, piece of meat etc but at their early stage you need to feed them with their food. Fish feed can be bought from the market.

5). Decide whether you are making the fish farming large or small scale business: 

Fish farming business can be practiced large, medium, and small scale but all depends on you, the amount to be invested. And by deciding, gives you a clear graph on how much needed to get started and up running.

6). Have a standby suppliers: 

Don't vent into this business without having those that you will be supplying your fish to when they are fully grown, because if you do then you are nothing but giving a welcome message to future failure.

That is that about fish farming business plan, i know this piece will be of great help to you, please remember to share with your friends and always visit for fresh articles.