Disadvantages of ps4

We all know playstation 4 is all about having fun through playing tv games but before you get one for yourself won't it be nice if you know what are the disadvantages of ps4? yes you should know.

Disadvantages of playstation 4

1). You run the risk of getting a game disc with scratches, or that otherwise might not be playable. As you are not the original purchaser, the manufacturer may not consider themselves a warrantor to you if you try to go to them and get a replacement disc, i.e., they may just tell you “tough cookies”.

2). Any DLC, bonus content, season passes, etc. that would otherwise be included with the game will likely not be available to you. Odds are the original purchaser will have availed themselves of those, so you can’t. Again, you’re liable to be told “tough cookies” if you go to the game maker.

3). A lot of game resellers do the old “buy low, sell high” schtick, so if you buy a used game from, say, Best Buy or Gamestop, you’ll likely have paid close-to-new price for them to (maybe) have given it a brief test in an in-store console, called it good, and passed it on to you. So you may not save much money overall.

Usually I’d rather just buy new, so I don’t have to worry about any of that nonsense, but you do you.

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