Disadvantages of factory reset iphone, android and laptop

Technology is one of the most beautiful thing that as ever happened to everyone of us and the used of technology devices makes our work more faster, efficient and unique. 

Technology is everything, and i can't imagine how the world will looks like without technology. Well i guess it will feels bored and humans will have no choice than to do the hard work themselves.

Now technology being the most important thing, it's devices is of different species and i don't want us to go deep in that area, but here in this article we are going to be discussing about the mobile device aspect which is brought down to three most used mobile devices which are: iphone, android and laptop.

The above mentioned technology mobile devices are the prominent ones, that business owners, student, friends, love ones, in fact everyone uses as means of communication, surf the internet, and other mobile related stuffs which many of us are very curious about what will happens if we reset any of them.

Disadvantages of factory reset

All the disadvantages will be brought together because they are all mobile devices, so here are things that will happens when you factory reset:

1). Files or data will be erased: 

When you factory reset, files or data stored on the internal memory will be wiped off, excluding external memory. because factory reset means you are telling your device that you no longer needs those stored files and most times when virus attacked our devices, the only best option to get rid off such virus is through factory resetting.

2). Factory resetting could caused device bootload issue: 

A times when a device is factory reset because of virus attack, it can cause bootload issues thus making your device not to load successfully and once your device can't loads or it hangs at booting, then it won't be accessible. And to get it done you need to take it to see an expert for fixing.

3). Imel corrupt: 

Most times when factory reset is carried out on an Android phone and iphone excluding laptop, there is every tendency that the imel could got corrupted and when such happens, you won't be able to receive, make calls and browse the internet because the network will seize. but it can always be fixed by a phone repair expert.

4). Drivers lost: 

For laptop users when you factory reset your laptop without backing up, it leads to lost of drivers. Drivers are software that enables the hardware to function, that is why you will see some laptops after factory reset the sound with lost, display blur, can't scan nearby wifi etc. but that doesn't mean it can't be fixed, all you need to do is download and install those drivers back one after the other or better still located an expert and pays to be fixed.

5). Factory reset protection issue (frp): 

This is enabled by default on every android device above version 6 that signed in Gmail account. This actually means each time a factory reset is done on sure android devices on first loading, user will be prompt to signed in the old gmail account before it will became accessible. And if you don't know or remember the Gmail account then you need to take it for frp bypass.

6). Application crash: 

Factory reset on android, laptop and iphone can cause installed or inbuilt applications to crashed, thus causing unnecessary hindrances while operating. example of such is; annoying pop ups messages etc.

7). Last but not certainly the least, you will have no choice than to start setting up your things and installing your application afresh: 

This another big disadvantage of factory resetting, which will caused you your time, and some time you might not recovered everything which could be devastating.


Before you carried out any factory reset on any devices whether mobile or not please learn to backup your files first. Thanks for reading, please do well to share, comment and always returns for latest updates.