Dating app is an application for those in search of partners (female and male) and it's very true many through this app have meets the perfect match and they had gotten married, blessed with children, living happily. though dating app also have it's disadvantages which is (high fraudulent activities) if you don't know dating app is what most fraudsters uses to deceive people by using beautiful profile photo opposite their Sx mainly to get attention from there they will start requesting for money etc. so be extremely careful when using dating app.

Now to the point dating app notification icons android. 

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Just as other applications developed for android phones dating app have icons which people could easily use to differentiate between them and other installed applications on their android phones.

Why dating app notification icons android

The one and only reason for knowing this is to know exactly when you have some messages, new friend request, followers, likes, comments from your dating app installed on your Android device which usually pop up indicating, icons on the status notification bar located at the extreme right or left top end near other icons.

So here now i will help you with some dating app icons screenshot image whenever you sees it you will know that you have received new notifications.







Plenty of fish





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Dating app notification icons android

Dating app notification icons android

Dating app notification icons android

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