how to start confectionery business in Nigeria

We live in a society where we all crave for easy life. Everyone wants to have things done with the speed of light without minding the consequences of our actions. This is why there is increase of fast food joints in our society today.
Even in our homes, we become too busy and at times lazy to serve balanced meals, hence you find the famous indomie almost in every home and confectionary foods occupying the most important part of our daily meals.

What are confectionary and why you should start this business?

Confectionary are the art of making confections, which are food items that are rich in sugar and carbohydrate. Which include principally sweet pastries, cakes and similar baked goods (Wikipedia).

Confectionary business is a business anyone can start both young and old which is not a must to be you who fried or bake them. you can actually get someone that will be supplying you the confectionary at wholesale price, then sells them at your place of work or at home.

One good thing about confectionary business is that you can get started with low capital from #2,000--- #10,000 depending on how large you want go into it.

For those that don't know confectionary can be considered as fast food.

Fast moving confectionary business ideas in Nigeria


Doughnut is a fried ring or globule of dough that is either yeast leavened or chemically leavened. The dough is mixed and shaped, dropped into hot oil, fried and glazed.

Children loves to eat doughnut, you can be selling this for children during their break period. But note; you have to get a place within the school surrounding.

Meat pie

Is a popular snack because it is tasty, moist and does not produce crumbs when it is being eaten, if it is well produced.
The number of meat pie you get depends on the diameter of the meat pie cutter you use.

The price for meat pie is some how high because of it ingredients. Most rich men go for this because it is rich in everything.

Fish roll

Is a deep fried crunchy confection made with flour, margarine, eggs and baking powder and then filled with mashed spiced fish.

Fish roll is a common food among students in higher tertiary institution. You can get a place close to a school and start selling.

Chin-chin and snacks

Is the crunchy deep snack that is popular in West Africa. It is a sweet, crunchy donut-like baked or fried dough of wheat flour and other customery baking items. 

It is ideal light refreshments for guest.


Bread is one of the commonest foods in the world, it is cheap, it satisfies hunger, and it is readily available. To some people it's a staple food while to some it's not.


A sweet baked food made from (or based on) a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, and fat.

People loves to eat cakes because it is sweet and tasty.

Egg roll

Wheat flour and egg wrapped in a pancake and fried.

People love to buy Egg roll because it satisfied hunger quickly, and the price for getting one is less.

Sausage roll

Sausage roll is made with ( wheat flour, vegetables oil, water, beef salt, spices and preservatives {sulphite, sorbate} etc).

It unique, delicious and satisfying.

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