can someone hack my paypal with just email

Today i will be giving answers to question can someone hack my paypal with just email based on my experience which i really urge you the readers to please read till the end because many PayPal users have fallen prey to scammers and lot more are still loosing their hard earned money on PayPal.

Though PayPal is said to be extremely secure than any cash app but it good to know that everything in the world of digital technology is very possible with some steps to follow, and here in this post i will be unveiling ways hackers could take to get into your PayPal account because the only thing scammers or hackers are always after is the login details (username & password) aside that no one, i repeat no hackers will ever hack your PayPal account.

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What is your paypal email

Your paypal email is the email associated with your paypal account which could be used to receive payment, logins, password reset and to receive current updates about your current balance etc.

Can someone hack your paypal account with your email address

Yes of course, very much possible and the most used trick around it are:

1). The hackers can send a link to the gmail associated with assailant PayPal account, immediately the assailant took the bait by clicking on the link, everything about the PayPal account (details) will be visible to them both (surname & password).

2). The hacker or scammer have your gmail login details: If someone knows your gmail login details then it is very possible to hack into your PayPal account easily because scammer could decide to visit PayPal website and click reset password for the PayPal account and boom PayPal will send reset password link. Then the scammer will change the password and login successfully.

3). Another way hackers could hack into your PayPal account is through password guessing or testing and if you are the type that always uses one password for every account you opened online then you might be targeted. Mostly this is what those hackers do. first they will launch a websites that allows users create account through filling forms, from there they will collect their (gmail and password) then start trying it on PayPal website if it will login.

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How you can secure your paypal account email address from being hack

1). Don't always give out email address associated with your PayPal account: I have more than two emails each i use on different occasions. like the one i use to launch this blog is different from the one i use on my contact page here in this same blog. So always hide your email address associated with your PayPal account except you want to receive payment with it, then you can send.

2). Don't lend your paypal account out to family or friends to receive payment: It very good to be our brothers keeper but you should know that when it comes to business family and friends status should be set aside if you want to be successful. so what am saying in essence is, you may be extremely careful in securing your PayPal account but family or friends could easily be careless thus making hackers hack into your PayPal account.

3). Use strong password: Naturally some people are good when it comes to guessing of passwords which is really bad when they becomes accounts hijackers. Because such people could easily guess your PayPal account password and secretly moves your funds to another account. So be very careful and make sure you use the most strongest password that cannot be guess. Example of a strong password is "Gj4&_£()/1ken".

4). Never login your PayPal account on people's device: Most times we are the causes of our account hijacked by ourselves we invite hackers into our life. how can someone borrowed his friends or visit a cafe and login his PayPal account to make some transactions. No it shouldn't ever crossed your mind, even if that transaction is urgent and you are not will your smartphone please wait until you are with your phone.

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