how to fix image changes to blogger.googleusercontent in blogspot (thumbnail blank)

how to fix image changes to blogger.googlusercontent in blogspot (thumbnail blank)

Blogger is one of the best Google platform for beginners to create a blog easily, aside that blogger blogs ranks very high on search engines even though many WordPress users criticised blogger platform for having limitations. Well they are 50% right when it comes to contents ownership, nice themes, etc. Let me save that for another day and drive into today's discussion.

I believe many of us on this page right now are facing a kind of new issue that just surface on uploading images on blogger blogs late ending August 2021 while some bloggers are not suffering from this issue

That i will start by explaining what really happened before i explained how i fix mine, though it a kind of time consuming solution but it worth it till blogger provide less stressful solution.

What causes blogger image thumbnail not to show each time you upload images on your blog posts is nothing other than the image source "src" changes from default https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-1E-NddrpHd8/YSPiGotlohI/AAAAAAAAAus/XKKfSxsb7fQbG4GE9UJ_DNC5iP96hAnDQCPcBGAsYHg/s659/IMG_20210823_185619_068.jpg 



meaning your images storage hosting as being switched to a separate storage space

Aside that, if you take a closer look in those two above image src link you will noticed that the default img src link (1.bp.blogger.jpg) ends with correct format for img tag which is ".jpg" while the (blogger.googleusercontent) doesn't have correct image format thus making blogspot widget not to recognise uploaded images as thumbnail. I tried everything i could like changing my blog template, uploads using my computer and from my drive it didn't worked until i found out the below step

How to fix image changes to blogger.googleusercontent in blogspot (thumbnail blank)

They are two ways to fix this issue and makes images appears as it was before:

  • Using computer
  • Using smart phone

1). Using computer: 

for those blogging with computer it very much easier than those blogging with their smartphone. so what you are to do is open two tabs on your computer screen one displaying your blog and the other one containing where your images are. so drag the image from the location to your blog.

Note: don't use default blogger images upload tool on your blogspot ribbon, else it won't work.

2). Smartphone users: 

This is a little bit time consuming. so what you are to do is; create a new blog with the same Gmail account and make a new post then upload all the images on it, go back to your old blog having issue and click on image upload from the ribbon and click on "Blogger", choose "From Google album achieve", "select the new created blog" scroll down until you see the image you want to use, select it and upload.

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