Blogger stats vs google analytics which is accurate?

Blogger stats vs google analytics which is accurate?

Hi welcome to kenlegit's blog, are you a blogspot users as i, curious which between blogger and google analytics stats is accurate? then you are just in the right place to learn about that because here in this piece i will be covering everything a blogspot user need to know about this two blog analytics tools.

For those who don't know, blogger stats and google analytics are owned by Google which are mainly used in tracking blog traffics, audience, posts that brings in traffics to a blog etc. Aside that, they are many things you can use blog analytics tool for which later in this post i will explain better.

So kindly grab a cup of coffee and make sure you read till the end for better understanding. 

To start with;

What is blogger stats?

Blogger stats is a built-in blog tracking traffics stats tools that comes with blogger and is always available for use. the only thing you do is just to select this option from your blogspot dashboard and view where your traffics are coming from.

What is google analytics?

This is a third party blog tracking analytics tool set aside for all kind of site builders cms which allows site owners know to the fullest about their site performance.

Similarities between blogger stats and google analytics stats

1). Both are free traffics blog tracking tools

2). The both shows you traffics source

3). The both let you know the most viewed or most read articles.

4). None is as good as this two for blogspot users

5). Both are owned by Google.

Blogger stats and google analytics stats which is accurate?

Accurately tracking a blog stats is among one of the things a blogger needs to keep in mind after setting up a blog. because when you do, you get to know "where" and "how to" improve and increase a blog traffics, as well as satisfying a blog readers.

Now back to the question which between blogger stats and google analytics gives correct information. 

Surprisingly, google analytics stats is 1000 times accurate than blogger stats. That i got to know when i launched my first blog with just two articles published on blogspot, i saw traffics showing in my blogspot stats and i was like so it very easy to attract traffics almost  from countries all over the world with just two articles which i was happy. You know the joy of every bloggers is to see traffics coming in to his blog, not to my knowledge that those traffics stats are false more or less bots playing on my site. So i take a screenshot of the blogspot traffics stats and make it a post on Facebook bloggers forum group encouraging others that are yet to get started, to go and make a move. so to cut the long epistle short, someone attacked me saying "Blogspot stats are false" i should install Google analytics to track real traffics. Which i did, guess what, all are bots no one is visiting my blog.

So here i declare google analytics stats accurate and a tools that gives correct information about a site performance which i will urge us all to also learn the below steps on "how to set up google analytics for blog (Blogger, WordPress, Wix)"

How to set up google analytics for blog

Remembered, having said this that Google analytics is for all kinds of site builders cms. so now i will explain steps you need to follow to set up your google analytics.

1). Visit Google analytics website and sign up using your Gmail account

2). Provide all the necessary details

3). Create a new property, give it name.

4). You will be given some codes copy it and paste is on your blog homepage. preferably, paste it in between your blog head tag.

5). Everything is set, you will start tracking realtime traffics.

How to add google analytics in or to blogger

With the above steps on how to set up google analytics on blog, am certain many blogspot users might still find it hard to set. so here are some steps to help you achieve it in less time.

Note: do know that, Google analytics can be installed in blogger in two ways; "Through pasting google analytics tracking code in the html" and "Through pasting just Google analytics tracking property id in your blogspot settings".

How to add google analytics on blogger through html using google analytics tracking code (gtag.js)

1). First you need to sign up for google analytics, so kindly scroll up and learn how to do that

2). Immediately you finish creating a property, you will be given some codes that looks like the below:

<!-- Global Site Tag (gtag.js) - Google Analytics -->

... (several lines of code) ...


So copy it and go to Blogger, from there select "template" and paste the tracking code within the <head> tag and save your settings.

How to get Google analytics tracking code if you missed it

1). Sign into Google analytics

2). Click on admin and select an account from the menu in the ACCOUNT column.

3). Select a property from the menu in the PROPERTY column.

4). Under PROPERTY, click Tracking Info > Tracking Code.

5). Your global site tag is displayed farther down the page in a text box under Website Tracking > Global Site Tag (gtag.js)

The global site tag is several lines of code that you need to paste into each webpage you want to measure.

How to add google analytics in blogger using google analytics property id

This is very easy but at times it doesn't work for everyone.

1). After successfully creating new property, now copy the property id which looks like this (UA-XXXXX-XX)

2). Visit your blogger blog, click on "setting" and paste the property id in the space provided when you tapped on "Google analytics tracking property id"

3). That is all, visit Google analytics and start tracking realtime traffics.

How to get google analytics property id

Above i noticed i forgot to explain to you how to fetch your google analytics property id. so here follow this steps:

1). Sign into your Google analytics dashboard

2). Click Admin.

3). Select an account from the menu in the ACCOUNT column.

4). Select a property from the menu in the PROPERTY column.

5). Under PROPERTY, click Tracking Info > Tracking Code.

6). Your Tracking ID is displayed at the top of the page in this format (UA-XXXXX-XX).

How to use google analytics

These many bloggers are still confused about how to use their analytics tools effectively, but it worth knowing because if you do, you will know how to manipulate it to your own advantage. Please on this i will be very brief and straight forward till when i prepared comprehensive post on this aspect.

So once you have set up google analytics on your blog, naturally you will see the tool showing you realtime audience, traffics source and articles that performs well. But one thing for sure that most bloggers seems to always missed, is the setting of time.

So when you visit, on the dashboard click on the calendar date located at the top right extreme end and set the time interval to track real stats within the date.

Lastly, after setting up the time interval, scroll down and you will get to see everything that happens on your blog from so, so date to so, so date. That is all about Google analytics.

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece, feel free to drop your comment on the box, please remember to share and always visit for latest articles.

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