Adsense review taking too long (solution)

Adsense review taking too long (solution)

Google AdSense reviews process taking too long is one of the most seen frustrating and annoying issue blogger faces when they apply for monetization. Atimes it might even took too long  to an extent that some beginners that venture into blogging solely for money quit because of the time frame AdSense took in checking their blogs for approval. Whereas, some blogs always get response from AdSense just within 24-72 hours of application.

So why is yours taking hell of time to be reviewed, that we shall discuss here in this article the reasons and solution to speed up the response time (to gain approval).

Reasons why your AdSense review takes too long

1). Missing verification code: 

When you applied for AdSense monetization, they is a verification code in your dashboard which needed to be paste on your blog homepage most preferably should be pasted in-between head tag of your blog. That is one of the main cause of AdSense review taking too long if you paste the code wrongly on your site.

2). Don't apply for monetization through blogspot (earnings tab): 

This many blogspot users made a mistake by doing so thus causing them unlimited waiting time without receiving any reply about the status of their application. 

The truth behind applying through blogspot earnings tab is (registration incomplete) because you won't have access to AdSense verification code.

3). You are applying simultaneously: 

AdSense site reviewers knows "when" and how long it will takes to fixed issues tagged on your site, which many bloggers don't even consider making some amendment. Immediately they receive rejection messages they reapply instantly, thinking AdSense review are done by bots and why should they be disapprove.

4). You are making codes, articles, template adjustments when your blog is on review: 

Once you place AdSense verification code on your blog that minute AdSense will have access to everything carried out on such site, so merely editing anything Google AdSense will be notify and those checking your blog for approval might got provoked.

5). Unique contents are not present on your blog: 

AdSense advertising network approval process is all about quality contents, a first time visitor can easily tells if your blog contains unique, quality and problems solving contents just scrolling around your site.

How to fix AdSense review taking too long

1). Continue updating your blog with fresh, unique articles while on review: 

Please don't get me wrong, am not asking you to edit the articles you have written earlier. what am saying is for you to add fresh, unique ones. And don't go beyond clicking "post" & "publish", remembered, AdSense are monitoring you. else you will got rejected for "site under construction".

2). When you mistakenly apply through blogspot earnings tab please delete your account and apply with fresh email: 

This happens to me on this blog on my first application. i never knew AdSense application should be carried out through signing up on AdSense website until when i waited for about a month and i got no response then i realize something is wrong somewhere. So don't make such mistake, and if you have, very easy close the account through "payment profile" because i know the close button on the AdSense dashboard won't be accessible, along side "AdWords account", else you might be fagged will double account.

3). Make sure you paste the verification code appropriately: 

This is an action on your end to be fulfilled, because when the code is missing verification will not take place. meaning AdSense will not run a check on your blog. so always considered placement of the verification code an integral part towards increasing the review time.

4). Don't apply simultaneously without fixing what you are rejected for: 

When you applied without settling down and fix what you are rejected for then you should know that your next response might takes time because is just as if you are asking someone to come in whereas the door is locked. so don't apply simultaneously be patient and always learn to fix anything that might caused your application turned down.

5). Pray when you apply: 

They is nothing too big for God to do and when you commit those that will reviews your site to God, it helps a lot because i have seen countless times where bloggers got rejected even when they clearly meet ups AdSense criteria. So pray alongside, unique contents.

That's that about AdSense talking too long which i believe many of you have learnt something, so yours now is to please help share this post and always visit for latest articles like this. Feel free to drop your comment for clarification.

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