Solmax igniter 200: review, package, share price, what is it and how to join

Hi have you missed an opportunity for igniter 100? no problem the time is now invest in igniter 200 which is launched recently and is going to produce more millionaires, billionaires just like i100 project.

Why always Solmax investment?

Joining solmax global is much more than a revenue stream to improve your financial health. It means solmax is a trustworthy company, determined to help entrepreneurs succeed through strategic training and support.

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What is solmax igniter 200

Igniter 200 is an upgrade or you can said a second version of i100 which comes with so many benefits and features to make you get rich. Igniter 200 just like the igniter 100 is all about taking online education at SMG Academy while earning everyday, and for you to know that solmax as comes to stay, they now have a token listed on cryptosystem for transaction purpose. 

The minimum investment for igniter 200 is just $25, which i believe is not much of an amount to try a network marketing platform. So when you invest $25 you will get one percent (1%) daily interest rate and 4375 worth of token. Also, igniter 200 have leverage system to maximize your income.

Solmax igniter 200 packages

Here is a pictorial break down of what you will earns when you bought solmax i200 package:

Solmax i200 package

Solmax igniter 200 share price

Igniter 200 share price

Solmax igniter 200 Review

Solmax igniter 200 is one of Solmax global investment project, and solmax is among the most stable and known company in London, United Kingdom. (number 18 fastest growing direct selling company in the world) which am certain this company is the best and this newly launched igniter 200 will go a long way in making your hidden dreams comes through.

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Solmax igniter 200 registration and login

To get started, you need to register for i200 through this link and after registration, you get access to your dashboard through inputting your details on the i200 solmax login page.

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