500k views on youtube money

In the world of vlogging (video for contents) there are numerous questions been asked daily across the web by vloggers which one of it i will be giving my answer to here in this article is "how much does 500k views on youtube pay"! well before i give my answers, i will like to make it clear to you that am not a YouTuber nor have a YouTube channel monetize but with the help of my research and consultation from those that have their YouTube channel monetize by AdSense, i can simply tells you how much such views can bring to you.

For those who don't know you need to get your YouTube channel approved for monetization before you can start earning money from the videos you published. In which the requirements for YouTube AdSense monetization isn't that hard, just 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours to get accepted. The approval process always last for about a month or there about depending.

500k views means and how calculate it on youtube money

Here i will explain to you how to calculate your earnings on YouTube views, because you can also earns from ads clicks which is much okay than views. Aside views and clicks they are no other ways to earn money from your YouTube with AdSense so don't be deceived if someone tells you that he/she earns from numbers of YouTube channel subscribers or watch hours.

Now do know that AdSense earnings on views are not always constant, it fluctuates depending on many factors like contents quality, traffics source etc but certainly which is the truth is that AdSense pays it publishers 68% of what advertisers pays to run campaigns.

Let me shows you how you can calculate your views earnings on YouTube. For instance in the case of 500k views, if  Advertisers pay an average of 0.18 dollars per ad view, so multiply that by 500k, it is equal to 90,000 dollars, and 68% of 90,000 is $61,200, so that means, youtube will pay around $61,200 for 500k views.

How much youtube pays for 500k subscribers

Having said this earlier that AdSense for youtube doesn't pay its publishers for number of channel subscribers so don't be deceived when someone tells you he/she is earning money from subscribers he accumulated.

I hope you have learnt and understood how to calculate AdSense YouTube earnings views, so do share this post with your friends, drop your comment for clarification and always visit for fresh unique articles.