How much is 500k and what it means

The use of abbreviations and slangs when writing or talking in today's generation as taking a new look. almost anything one could pronounce can be abbreviated which is really nice because they are some situation that requires speaking with slags. For instance if we want to discuss about money related issue with our business partner in front of someone that gave you the work, all you need to do is to start speaking in language that only you and your business partner understood.

Now i will tell you what 500k means and how much is it.

how much is 500k

500k is same thing as speaking in slang, which means half a million of your country money. Aside money, 500k could be use for other things too like a counter (500k followers, 500k friends, 500k views etc). Just know that all it means is half a million of anything it is used to represent.

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