what is the number for glo customer care

It possible to came across issues while using our sims like glo line or network and for it to be fixed almost instantly, speaking to a glo customer care through our phones will help us achieved that depending on the issues we are having. And i so much love the way all this service representative attend to ones problem, very fast, well behaved, but very strict when it comes to privacy. Like the other day one of neighbor's children mistakenly activated sim pin on my phone and my name was not the one used for the registration, the sim card was sent to me as a gift from my mum so to cut the long story short i picked up another phone with glo sim card and called the customer service only for them to give me the puk number, they started asking me questions about the registration and i couldn't give an answer to any but thanks to God my mum is still alive then from her side she called and help me recover my sim, so here is the number for glo customer care 121 and 08050020121.

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