What is better medium or blogger

Am fully aware how bloggers are finding it very difficult to choose between blogger and medium if they wants to start blogging for free, so i decided to came up with today's article mainly to help you choose wisely between this two wonderful platform.

First i will like you to know that these two blogging platform is nice and better but one thing for sure which i always tell those that asked me on which platform to go for is; "it depends on the task you wants to achieved". 

Secondly i will not be the one to make a choice for you rather i will help you out with the difference between blogger and medium then you can go ahead and make your choice on which will work best for you.

Difference between blogger and medium

  • Blogger is a blogging platform that requires a lot from you like: managing, template installation, seo knowledge before you start publishing articles while medium on the other hand does not requires such from you, immediately you create an account on medium you can start writing or publishing articles.

  • Medium is a social media platform plus blogging platform while blogger is just a blogging platform.

  • In blogger you can monetize your blog with different advertising network while medium is limited to just two types of monetization which is inbuilt and affiliate marketing.

  • Blogs created with medium does not need to look for traffics because it more or less a social media site with huge amount of audience and once you publish and share your article it will attract traffics, unlike blogger that writers need to sort for traffics on their own.

Similarities between blogger and medium

  • Both medium and blogger are free blogging platform which means you are not in full control of any blogs created through them.

  • You can bought a custom domain and add to the both

  • Contents is needed in both

  • You can monetize and earn in both platform.

  • You need to create an account before you get access.

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece, feel free to drop off your comment, share and always visit for latest updates.