Here is another networking business that as great potentials that can make one get rich quick if taken serious. "Luxreal international".

Luxreal international is an health and beauty company that pays handsomely to those that works for them and luxreal founder Dr. Devan G.P as promised to increase the standard of living of entrepreneurs who join the company. So let me proceed further with luxreal products, benefits, compensation plan and see if you would be interested.

Luxreal products

Rosecenta Plus – The first unique blend of health & beauty functional drink in the market with 3 distinctive active ingredients:

Rose Extract+ Algae Astaxanthin + Soy Oligopeptid.

Benefit of becoming luxreal membership 

joining luxreal membership you get to enjoy the below:

  • Being your own boss

  • An effective marketing plan with lucrative commissions

  • An opportunity to expand business worldwide.

  • High-quality products from leading manufacturers

  • Time Freedom

  • Work-life balance

  • Your office is just a tap away - yes, we are talking about your Smartphone!

Luxreal compensation plan

1). Direct sponsor bonus ( silver member): 

As a silver package member when you connect or sponsor any of these packages you will earn the following:

When a (Silver member) sponsors:

  •  Silver you will earn $17.50( #6600)

  • GOLD and earn $17.50 (#6600).

  • PLANTINUM and earn $175( #66850)

When a Gold member sponsors:

  • Sliver package ... you will earn #17.50(#16600)

  • Gold will earn  $35(#13,370)

  • Plantinum package $175 (#66650)

When a plantinum package member sponsors

  • Silver package you will  earn $17.50(#6600)

  • Gold package you will earn $35(#13370)

  • Platinum package you will earn $350 (#133,700)@ current dollar rate

2). Roll up bonuses

A Plantinum package member enjoys an exclusive roll up Bonuses from what other people are doing.

E.g when a *Platinum Member  recruits a * Gold member*  - And that Gold member in turn  recruits other two members like *gold and platinum:

As the Gold who is the direct sponsor of these two (Gold and Platinum) earns so did the platinum who is at the top earns too, it doesn't matter the   generation.....

3). *Matching bonus*

Members enjoy matching bonuses

A pair means two members who joined under you. So the company pays you matching Bonuses for every pair that joins you and that varies according to the package you are joining with:

  • *Silver enjoy only 26 daily pairing*: for the first pair you will be paid $9.80. then the remaining 25 will be multiplied by $2.10.

  • *Gold enjoys 24 daily pairing bonuses (matching bonuses)* so from the first 1-4 pairs will be paid $9.80T hen the remaining 20 pairs will be paired with $2.10(. $2.10 *20.

  • *Platinum enjoy unlimited daily pairing bonuses* the first 1-20 pairs will be paired with $9.80 the the remaining will be multiplied by $2.10

4).  *Direct sponsor matching bonus* ($3.50) members enjoy matching bonuses a pair means two members who joined under you. So the company pays you matching Bonuses for every pair that joins you.and that varies according to the package you are joining with:

  • *Silver enjoys only one daily pair matching bonus*: { 1 pair *3.50}

  • *Gold enjoys 4 daily pairing bonuses (matching bonuses)* { 4pairs*3.50=$14}

  • *Platinum enjoys 20 daily pairing bonuses* {20 pairs *$3.50=$70}

5). Placement level bonus.

You will be paid $0.165 for every placement  in  your network ( regardles of direct network or spill- over). *Advantage varies withe package you join with* pls. Refer to the diagram above

6). Entertainment bonus.

You will be paid $4 for each for the first 1-5 placements in your network(regardless of direct or spill- over.)

Many people asked is luxreal legit? Yes i will said this company as come to stay and together to help entrepreneurs living a sound life.

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece, feel free to drop off your comment, share and always visit for latest updates.