Backlinks as being in existence for long and it plays a crucial part in site ranking.

What is backlinks?

Backlinks is considered to be a voting system in which Search Engines used in ranking a website, the higher the numbers of quality backlinks, the more visible the site will be on search engines, but the issue is how can you convince someone to link to your blog? Many bloggers find this task difficult to accomplish, because people don't usually make references or link to a blog without a reason, unless if that person is your friend or someone you know. Else, it will be hard to ask for a link to your blog. It is also good to know that asking for links from a friend is basically wrong because Google and other search engines do not permit link exchange and purchasing of backlinks. Now i will explain briefly the types of backlink before explaining how to build backlinks to your blog.

Types of backlinks 

They are two types of backlinks, which is dofollow and nofollow:
1). Dofollow backlinks: these type of links are beneficiary links that passes juice from a site to another site and can also help in boosting a site ranking, this types of links are mostly used by Google and other search engines to rank a site over another sites on the web.
2). Nofollow backlinks: are links that does not pass juice from a site to another site, but can help in driving traffics to a blog. Google search engine does not follow or use this types of links to rank a site over another, but some search engines respect and considered it as a ranking factor.

Easy way to build backlinks to your blog for free

1). The most important thing is your contents

Learn to write high quality contents that will solve peoples problems across the web.
My mentor usually said this to me that "before someone will be willing to include your blog URL in his posts, that means your blog is really satisfying and as meet up his expectations in one way or the other", so if someone have a link to your site, then is main objective is this:
☀️ He wants to provides relevant information to it's users.
☀️ He wants people to learn from you.

Do you know my blog that you are on it right now i did not buy or purchase backlinks for it, people i don't know makes references to my blog without instructing them. Honestly writing high quality contents is the best and easiest way to to earn free qualities backlinks to your blog.
Another way to earn quality backlinks through contents is by writing on a trending topics, that too can make people link to your site.

2). Engage yourself in a forum

Forum can help in building high qualities backlinks to your site for free. My reason is this; each time you answered or attend to solve people problems, you have the right to insert your blog URL to backup what you are saying, so try to engage yourself in a forum.
Note: when engaging yourself in a forum, please choose forum that is ranking high on search engines, because this will boost your blog visibility overtime. I have seen some blogs with just 30 backlinks and they are ranking high on search engines.

3). Through commenting on a posts

Dropping comments on a blog posts is another way of building free backlinks to your blog. I heard some bloggers saying comments backlinks are all nofollow and are bad for SEO. Oh yes it is bad when you are spamming a site with too many of comments, but not all are "Nofollow" links. It only turns to nofollow backlinks if the owner of the site decided to install or integrate "nofollow" plugins or robots tags in is blog code <head>.

Now that you have little understanding on how to build backlinks, it good to also know how to check number of backlinks pointing to your site.

How to check number of backlinks

You can check or count the number of backlinks pointing to your site for free through online backlinks checker. Examples of these backlinks checker are:
1). Moz backlinks checker
2). Href backlinks checker
3). silktide nibbler backlinks checker
4). Smallseotools backlinks checker

How does search engines and other ranking tools calculate backlinks?

It is also good to know how search engines and other ranking tools calculate number of backlinks. This is how backlinks is been calculated:
☀️ If your blog URL is mentioned once in a post, it is considered as one backlink on one domain.
☀️ If your blog URL is mentioned twice in a post, it is considered as two backlinks on one domain.


Althrough "backlinks" is said to be a ranking factor that helps in boosting a site on the web, but if it is not built from a reliable source it will definitely damage your site SEO instead of boosting it. So be careful and don't build backlinks from a low ranking site, adults site, sites that Google ban from illegal activities etc.

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