bing webmaster tools submit url easiest method

Submitting your blog url to google alone shouldn't be your final junction if you are aiming towards attracting organic traffics world wide from the web. In fact it good to know that; they are numerous search engines on the web and bing webmaster tools which i am going to explain to you how to submit your blog url to, is second to none after Google search engine. Asides that, bing webmaster tools have a very similar features just like Google search console which can help increase your blog traffics overnight and bing search engine is said to have been the most used in some countries then Google search engine. 

Bing webmaster tools setup

Many bloggers believes setting up their blog or website in bing webmaster tools is a bit complicated than Google search console tool, well it been like that even to me when i first came across bing webmaster tools i thought about paying an expert to get it done for me but guess what; i later discovered a very simple, short and straightforward way to setup a website or on bing webmaster tools. so before i help you with the steps i will like to explain to you the most important thing needed for the url submission which is the sitemap.

Bing webmaster tools submit sitemap

I believe all of us here are familiar with sitemap? if no, sitemap is file containing lists of all the urls in your blog and by submitting it to bing, google or other search engine webmaster tools you are giving access or making it easy for those web crawlers to crawl and index your website quickly. 

So just like Google search console tool, you can submit your website or blog through generating a sitemap of your site and submit it but having said that; am going to explain the easiest method of submitting a url to bing, so we simply don't need to generate any sitemap for this setup.

Submit site to bing webmaster tools

Here is where everything lies:

First go to google search console tool and make sure you generate a sitemap and submit it there. Learn how to submit your website to Google here

After that head over to google and search for bing webmaster tool and create an account using Gmail address.

Note: please make sure you use the exact gmail address you use in your Google search console tool else this process will not work.

After the creation, automatically bing webmaster tools will detect your blog and urge to accept imports from Google search console tool. So accept the imports by giving your consent. 

That is all about submitting your url to bing webmaster tools.

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