Starclick reviews: is it real, legit, what is it, how to join, how much do they pay and minimum payout

When you got ripped off your hard earned money through some tasks you performs daily or through making an investment, does that implies you stopped taking advantage of other internet opportunities that comes your way? capital No, that shouldn't cross your mind because just as the way internet is loaded with scammers, in real life virtually every corner of this world is full of scammers too, and for someone to be successful one need to take the risk of trying something new.

So today i here by introduce you to star click!

What is star click?

Star click is a platform for publishers and advertisers, just as many other companies they help advertisers increase their products awareness through sharing tasks to those that registered as publishers to performs daily. 

Here is the break down for better understanding:

Advertisers pays for their products to be brought before a wider audience while star click share the tasks to it's earners known as publishers to be performed through them sharing it on their social media accounts.

How much do star click charge advertisers per click and how much do they pay earners

Star click charges it advertisers $0.01 per view and pays it's publishers the same amount $0.01 per task performed which is at least better than doing nothing for those wanting to join as a publisher.

Is star click real and legit

Starclick is among the best and trustworthy legit paying company with positive review since it arrival. The company is at is 12 year old more than a decade which is owned by someone from U K.

Starclicks minimum payout or star click withdrawal

Starclick minimum payout is said to be $50 which could easily be reached if you are very fast in performing much tasks daily and alongside the withdrawal can be made when you reach the payout threshold.

How to register for starclick

If you are following from the beginning of this article you should know that starclick is a platform for two set of people; one for earners and other for promoters. so after visiting starclick website choose the one that best suit your interest and provide your personal details as requested.

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