Piece of advice for bloggers

It obvious that many young bloggers thinks blogging is hard, stressful and difficult to manage because of its long term setting up activities. Oh yes it is, but let me tell you this; honestly blogging are for those that have "patience" and i don't think you can figure out everything about blogging.
Blogging is wide you can only get to understand some certain things about blogging if only you keep pressing on.

So in order to motivate and awake your spirit, i suggest you read the following.

Piece of Advice/word of Encouragement for young bloggers

1). Don't even think of backing out because you are not getting traffics to your blog or you have been applying for advertising networks but always got rejected. Oh yes, i know getting approval from advertising networks is not an easy task to accomplished, so i advice you to be patient and wait for the right time to reapply. When i said right time; what i mean in essence is this: don't just reapply when you have not yet fixed the issue been found on your blog, always try to figure out what is really the problems first, then get it fixed before applying again.

2). As a blogger have you ever thought about the usefulness of your blog posts to your audience? I mean put yourself in the position of your blog readers and review your blog contents to see whether your posts is satisfying. If it his, then i can assure you in no time people will definitely come around. You just keep on writing articles that are of higher quality and don't even think of scrapping contents from another site. And if you have been scrapping contents from another site to your blog, please delete or rewrite them with your own English. Because doing so will make your site unique and stand out among others.

3). Also learn how to submit your sitemap to search engines, most especially (Google and bing). I launched this blog not quite long but i tell you all of my blog readers are from search engines.

You don't need to pay search engines to generate pure free organic traffics to your blog. Do you know the reason why search engines won't charge you? I guess you don't know, so let me tell you; search engines are looking for means to satisfy people/audiences who are looking for solutions across the web. So if your blog is having or contains the kind of information/solution a particular user his searching for in a given search engine, then surely your blog posts will appears among the lists of articles that will be brought before that very user as answers.

4). Do you know linda ikeji the famous wealthy blogger in Africa? I know you must have come across her name on the web while searching for news. She started blogging just as the same way you have took a step to create one, but now she is popular and famous all over the web through Blogging.

In conclusion
Be patient, don't quit blogging and stand firm in it, because your own time will surely come.

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