Opera News Hub: How to post articles on operanews hub and earn money

Are you one of those people who love writing articles but do not have money to purchase a domain name, hosting plan or perhaps you do not have enough time to manage a full blog? If yes then this article is specially for you because in today's article i will be introducing you to an online platform where you can freely post/write anything and earn money from whatever things you have posted (opera news hub).

What is opera news hub?

Opera news hub is a platform designed for people who cannot undergo stress of driving traffics to a blog or those who love writing articles but do not have a website of their own.
Operanews hub pays writers #350 -- #400 per 10,000 clicks. I know many people will not buy this idea because of the numbers of clicks you need to attained before you can get paid. Oh yes the numbers of clicks are much, but i can assure you, you can simply get more than 10,000 clicks in less than 2 or 3 days. Here are the reason:
world wide today millions of people use opera mini browser to search for information on the web, so if you can post stuffs that people will love to click then you can try this platform and see.

Do you know i made a post about "how to start a blog in less than three minutes" in opera news hub and i generated (5,000 clicks, 40 shares, 150 followers and 20 comments) in just 2 days, what if i post 5 more articles won't i be generating more clicks in a week? Oh yes i will, because the more the numbers of articles i post the more clicks i will get.

It is also good to know that Operanews hub is not a quick get rich or a pronzi scheme platform, it is a platform that requires time, efforts and continuous posting before you can be making a reasonable amount of money from it.

What are the things you need to start posting on operanews hub

1). Gmail account
2). Opay account
3). Username and password
4). Profile picture

Do i need traffics to earn on opera news hub?

The answer is "No".
In opera news hub you need not to worry about looking for traffics in other to generate clicks, they will be the one to promote your articles for you.

how to get more clicks on opera news hub

To get more clicks on opera news hub you need to post things that are trending, eye-catching most importantly your title should be written in form of a clickbait. For instance you want to write about "How to start a blog" you can write it this way "Do you know if you start a blog now you could be earning cool money from your home?" With the sample i gave above am certain people will be curious to know what you are about to discuss. So use this method and get more clicks.

How do i get my payments on opera news hub

You will receive your payment through your Opay account.
Note: during registration you will be asked to provide your Opay number, if you do not have and Opay account then you can click here to create one for yourself or download Opay app from Google play store and create an account through it.

Do i need to pay for registration on opera news hub?

The answer is "No".
Registration is totally free, just visit https://m.hub.opera.com to create an account then fill in the necessary information on the portal. After filling the necessary information about yourself and the category you intend writing articles on, now be patient while an agent cross check your details. When everything is set and your account is fully approved, you will see the +icon below the screen, now click on it to create a post.

Last but not least make sure your contents are original and unique don't scrap anyone's contents because if you do, your article will not be published and you will receive a termination warning message from them.

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