Online business to start with 1000 naira, 2 dollars (legit)

Online business to start with 1000 naira, 2 dollars (legit)

Online businesses are side hustle that could skyrocket one's income if came across legit and high paying ones, which doesn't matter how little the amount you invested, what really matters is the payout (earnings). 

Many will said to join or start a profitable online business in Nigeria or other countries one needs to make huge investment like at least from the range of #10,000 or $20 above for meaningful results, but i tell you today in this piece that you could become a millionaire here in Nigeria and other countries with just a thousand naira #1,000 or $2 just with your smart phone or laptop any where, anytime.

This online business am about introducing you to, as being online for a long time which alot have being made millionaires, billionaires, it still working up till today and it's existence will never comes to an end because it is the pillar of getting information. Blogging!

Blogging is the online business am talking about which you can start with just a thousand naira or two dollars and earns bountifully. many don't know because they believe to get a blog running they need enough money to purchase or get:

1). hosting plan

2). domain name

3). a web developer etc.

But what if i tell you that you don't need such to keep a blog running and start making hell of money? yes you may compiled, all you need is #1,000 to purchase custom domain name (.com.ng) extension.

Here is what you should know before venting into blogging sphere 

1). Writing is involved: Blogging is more of writing articles, and before you could become an authoritative blog you need to choose a niche you are passionate about and focused on writing unique contents that when search engines like Google sees it they will love to promote it willing to it's users which are not copyrighted contents.(A niche is a topic you choose to produce contents on)

2). Don't carry's a mindset that you will be scrapping others people contents to your blog: This is a mistake i made when i created my first blog because i wasn't mentored, my first day in blogging sphere i stole about 30 posts and published it on my blog, so after fews days i was having close to 150 posts on my blog then i applied for Adsense monetization because bloggers earns from displaying adverts which is the best display advertising network all over the world from Google. I got rejected over and over until i got frustrated and quit blogging for 2 years then i heard that a friend of mine that we started blogging at that time is earning massively at least nothing less than $200-300 monthly my senses got back and i vent into blogging again with copyright free contents about 30 of them and i got approved by Adsense 3month later after launching the blog. So learn to post unique contents if you start blogging. Note: you are free to read and use it to create yours because nothing you could ever thinks or imagine that as not be written.

3). Huge traffics is required to earn money: Getting or driving huge traffics to your blog requires sacrifices which could be done through promotion, by sharing your blog url link on all your social media accounts or better still gather audience that are interested in your blog niche in a Facebook group or page and be publishing for constant visits.

Here learn how to submit your blog to google search engine and drive organic traffics for free.

4). Need time and consistent: having said this earlier that before you could start making money time is required and consistent in publishing fresh, unique articles will fasten the process.

How to get started 

You need a blog and that we will be using blogspot.com i choose this because it is beginners friendly, hosting is free, unlimited storage and it is owned by Google.

Learn how to create a blog through this article.

After that visit domainking and purchase a .com.ng domain for a thousand naira which will last you for a year for another renewal.

To connect the custom domain to your blog visit this link and learn everything there.


Blogging is sweet and always paying if you seize this opportunity to vent into it, though at first you may not earn much in your first year but certainly you will earn as time goes by. And if am asked what business can i start with 1000 naira i will always point to blogging.

Have any questions, opinion, contribution you can use the comments box or visit the about page on this blog and contact me their, please don't forget to share this piece with your people on social media in other for them to be a benefactor too.

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