Nature renaissance international ltd

Looking for an online business to vent into? oh yes you are welcome because today i will be introducing you to an online trustworthy network marketing program that as being proven to have elevated/improve many people lifes both in standard of living and body improvement. (Nature Renaissance International Ltd!)

Nature renaissance international is a global healthcare company that deals with sales of medicine that works better in increasing our body system and together makes way for less privileged like me and you to benefit greatly by contributing to the company success then earn money through commission and other promising opportunities.

Nature renaissance international ltd review and why you should join

Having said this earlier that NRI as being proven to be a trustworthy and a legit company with wonderful reviews. below are what you will benefit from joining nature renaissance international ltd.

  • Medicine will never gone out of patron, meaning you won't regret going into this business.
  • NRI have life changing opportunity
  • Earns through commission
  • Startup capital is very affordable.
  • You don’t need an office or shop, we already provide that for you.
  • No educational qualifications or certificate required meaning anyone can be part of the business.
  • You earn money everyday
  • Pay to your bank account everyday
  • You Can do our business full time or part time: you don’t necessarily have to quit your job, you can add it to whatever you are already doing.
  • You can make up to 7 figure income per month if you want to.
  • Products are in high demand
  • Selling is 100% OPTIONAL, meaning you can make a lot of money without selling.
  • You can work from home or office.
  • It's an international business, meaning you can do our business from anywhere in the world. YOU GET PAID IN DOLLARS
  • Products are highly affordable. with as low as #3500 you get our powerful product D3 organic super immune booster at our distributors price.                     
  • Products is alkaline in nature. No acidic! No side effects!

How to join NRI

The first step to being a part of this global platform is to register at NRI website

Registration FEE = N6000 (Starter Kit)


An achiever is anyone who pays the membership Registration fee of #6,000 and is registered in the company’s database. But No point accumulation for achievers.

Registered members (Achievers) can pick any activation package of Choice as stated below so they can start to earn money and accumulate point values(PV);

1. PARTNER 50PV (N20,000 naira)

2. ASSOCIATE 110PV (N44,000 naira)

3. ASSOCIATE PARTNER 235PV (N94,000 naira)

4. SENIOR PARTNER 600PV (N240,000 naira)

5. EXECUTIVE 1200PV (N480,000 naira)

6. STOCKIST PACKAGE: N3,510,000 naira

7. SUB STOCKIST PACKAGE: N1,500,000 naira
14. There is No flushing of points

NRI Compensation plan

Retail profit (25%)
Kick start Bonus (up to 36% of the registration fee)
Referral Bonus (up to 26%)
Upgrade Bonus
Pairing Bonus earn (up to 15% on the lesser leg volume)
Rank Advancement incentive
Unilevel Bonus
Check match Bonus
Awards (we offer mouthwatering awards from Unilevel structure)
Stockist Bonus (6% of sales generated from Stockist center)

NRI products or NRI organic products

This product will provide solution for;
✓ Sperm boost in men 
✓ Weak erection,
✓ Quick ejaculation
✓ Improves sperm motility and sperm morphology
✓Improves infertility problems in men
✓Combined with D3 Organic to treat prostrate etc

2. 🌱💊 *Nature's Gift*
Indeed, this is Nature's gift for the relief of
✓ Cardiovascular problems
✓ Improves blood circulation
✓Treats Stroke and partial paralysis,
✓Excellent product for the treat of Parkinson disease, 
✓ Treats Epilepsy, brain related problems
✓ Good for nervous disorders

3. 🌱💊 *De -Diafix*
Permanent cure for; 
✓ Diabetes and pre-diabetes cases, 
✓ Rejuvenates the pancreases
✓ Boosts the production of insulin
✓ Helps in the treatment of Hypoglycaemia
✓ Deals with sugar problems.

4. 🌱💊 *D3 Organic*
✓Powerful Immune Booster
✓ Stem cell replicator
✓ Detoxifier
✓ Anti-Cancer
✓ Strong Antibiotic
✓ Energy booster
✓ Renews organs like the Kidney, Liver, Eyes,
✓ Fortified with natural vitamin C, Zinc, Iron to improve libido
✓ Reverses Early menopause, and menstrual disorder
✓ Opens blocked fallopian tube
✓ Excellent Product for all health challenges
✓ Good for treatment of Malaria, Typhoid, pile, cough, Asthma, infection, hypertension.

✓ Treatment of constipation 
✓ Boost immune system
✓ A powerful natural moisturizer for the body 
✓ Promotes wound healing
✓ Reduces inflammation and relieves pains
✓ Fights fungus infections in the mouth, fight off candidiasis and keep the mouth healthy.
✓ A fertility natural oil to conceive
✓ Opens closed fallopian tube in women
✓ Stop hair breakage and increase hair growth 
✓ Induce labour
✓ Reduce acne
✓ Relieve menstrual cramps 
✓ Eliminate fine line and wrinkles
✓ Treat arthritis
✓ Clear cold 
✓ Reduce gallbladder stone
✓ Whitlow remedy

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece, feel free to drop your comment, share and always visit for latest updates.