Getting approval from is as easy as abc for those who follows their terms and conditions. I heard some people saying policies are stricter than that of Google AdSense, and very hard to gain approval from them easily.

☀️ Oh yes it might be hard to get in; if most of your traffics source are not from (USA, UK and CANADA).
Because they made it clear in their policy that; most of your audience or blog readers should come from those countries. So in other to generate traffics all over the world, I suggest you submit your blog sitemap in Google search console. Or click here if you do not know how to go about it.

☀️ Another thing which will make your site gain approval easily is your contents. We all know that the originality and uniqueness of a blog contents is what advertising network are after. If your blog contains useful and pure contents written from scratch then you can applied for or any other advertising network.

☀️ Also remember to add important pages such as ( about, contact us, cookies policy, privacy policy and disclaimer ) to your site. I have seen so many blogs getting approval from just because they include those pages.

☀️ Last but not least; if you're having third party advertising running on your site, i will urge you to please disable and remove their codes from your site before applying. approval requirements summary

1). No traffics requirement but you need at least little traffics coming from tier countries.
2). Unique contents not scrapped contents
3). Remove any running adverts before applying
4). Add important pages sure as About, Contact us, privacy policy, Disclaimer.

So if you will love to sign up on advertising network. Please follow the below steps.

How to sign up for

1). Goto and click on sign up button located at the end right end of the page.

2). Input your website url, phone number, Gmail account and click get started button.

3). You will be given some codes to input into your blog *head* and *body* of your templates html.

4). After you have finished deploying the codes on your site, will scan your site to detect if the codes are in the right place. If the codes are detected successfully then will start reviewing your blog contents and also check for third party advertising network etc.

If your blog meet their requirements then you will got approval email from them within 24 hours.

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