How to make internet faster on android

Making your phone fast when browsing is nice because it saves you from slow waiting time most especially when you want to check something on the internet very urgent and the internet of your phone connect and loads almost instantly like flash which i guess that will be a good feeling and here in this article i will explain to you how you can achieve that on your phone. First i will like you to know that this piece am to share now is for Android phone only, both 3g and 4g so if you don't have one kindly go and get one for yourself and enjoy.

How to make internet faster on android

To make android phone internet faster, they are some steps to follow:

1). Configure your GPRS settings to the fastest one: 

To achieve this it very much easy just head to your android phone connection settings create a new Apn and edit then save as follows

  • Name: mtn
  • Apn:

  • Name etisalat
  • Apn: 9mobile

  • Name airtel
  • Apn:

  • Name: glo
  • Apn: glo flat or glo secure

Save the settings and start browsing.

2). Using mtk engineer mode tool to increase internet speed: 

From playstore download and install mtk engineer tool, launch click on "Mtk settings" under  "Telephony" column select "Mobile data service preferred" checked it.

That is that on how to increase your internet speed on Android phone.

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece, feel free to drop off your comment, share and always visit for latest updates.