Code to link nin to glo

Glo is one of the best Nigeria based network with numerous benefits like free data, long talk hour, free SMS and lot more but a little bit slow a times compare to other network provider when it comes to surfing the internet, well am not here today to discuss on that am practically here to help you out on how to link nin to glo since the Nigerian government demand for it.

Benefits of linking nin to glo

  • First, the benefit that comes with you linking your nin to glo number is; you can easily recover your glo sim card when lost or stolen through Welcome back because without you linking your nin to your glo number no agent will help you do your welcome, meaning your number is gone for real.

  • Secondly, linking your glo number with your nin will help you escape unnecessary disconnection because the Nigerian government can decide to order glo network provider to terminate or close sims that have not link their glo number with nin.

So now i will help you with the code for linking nin to glo

How to link my glo sim to nin

You can link nin to glo with ussd code or with text message 

Code for glo nin ussd is *109*nin 10digits number# and send.

Code to link nin to glo text message is 109

Just send your name and nin 10digits numbers on the front of your nin card to 109

For example

Name: Kenny 

Nin: 1287654321

To ------ 109

Note: After you sent it you may/not receive response from glo that it is successful. so if you did not receive confirmation message you don't need to worry yourself.

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