How to increase keyword density

I believe many of us on this post right now must have heard some where on the internet or probably through a friend "how increase in keyword density can impact positively in a post ranking" and you wants to learn so you can simply apply it when writing your blog articles. Well i will have to tell, you are in the right place to get that knowledge you are in search for. 

But before i forge ahead what is dime keyword density?

Keyword density definition

Keyword density refers to the amount of time targeted keywords appears or mentioned in a post which aims are not for manipulation, like what most bloggers and search engine crawlers considered as  "keyword sniffing". 

Keyword sniffing is bad for SEO and when someone talked about keyword sniffing then he/she is referring to how wrong a writer is mentioning a targeted keywords in his articles, for instance i want to prepare an article about "how to start a business" and my targeted keywords is "business" and i keep on mentioning business, business, business in every two to three paragraph, then that can be considered as keyword sniffing or manipulation which webmaster and even your audience (blog-readers) does not want.

Though it works then, when search engine crawlers considered it as a ranking factor but now instead of adding to your post ranking, it drastically reduces it's ranking that is why you will see some blog post written long but not ranking and a very short article ranks above it simply because search engine crawlers considered keyword sniffing as blackhat SEO practice, meaning you are trying to scale through their web with useless contents.

How to increase keyword density in a page

They are numerous ways to increase keyword density in a post and outrank your competitors without building backlinks in fact i use it most times because it as being useful and very effective when i want to rank high on search engine and i also use it to regain my position if an SEO expert outrank any of my posts in search engine.

Here is how i use it:

  • First i start by making a keyword research about the topic i want to prepare using keyword research tools e.g semrush, moz, google keyword planner etc and after am done i go directly to Google type the keyword into the box and search.

  • Secondly, after pressing the search button i pick up my jotter and jot down all the questions people asked on the web together with related searches pertaining that keyword. 

  • Thirdly, i start preparing my blog post around these questions giving answers to them. i know many of you might still be confused so here is an example below.

Keyword density example

Like for example the questions or related searches i collected from Google search is:

  • "what is kenlegit"
  • "kenlegit's ceo"
  • "Is kenlegit business legit"

I will make sure i include those keywords when writing my blog post like this:

What is kenlegit?

Kenlegit's is a business about blogging and business tips, kenlegit's ceo is ephraim danlami and many may ask is kenlegit business legit.

With the above example i have increase my keyword density which search engine crawlers will see it very useful and will rank it high above blogs that targeted one keyword in similar article.

Last and certainly not the least add keywords to your blog title, permalink, search description, image alt tag and always cultivate an habit of labeling your blog posts.

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece, feel free to drop off your comment, share and always visit for latest updates.