how to add google custom search engine with blog in blogger or wordpress

It certain that, before a blog url can be recommended to others, that blog must have be producing high quality contents or contains information/solutions that will help users fix their problems.

Remember as a blogger the major aim of starting a blog is not to earn money alone, but to provide useful information that will be of great help to the users across the web. That brought us to this question.

Why do you think people visits search engine?

Yes people simply visits search engines because (search engines) always provide solutions/answers to all their questions, whether the questions been asked is jargon or not.

Why do we need a custom search engine?

The truth about the matter is this, even if you have been blogging for 50 years, i can tell you that you can not cover all the topics of the niche you have chosen to provide solutions to. but if you install a custom search engine to your blog, then you will be able to covers everything about your niche. 

Also take note: custom search engine is not limited to your blog niche alone, but will also helps you provide additional solutions to the users on different niche and topics.

Sounds cool right!
So therefore having a custom search engine in your blog, will be a nice idea if you really want people to stay longer on your site and also recommend your blog to others.

so let get started!!!

How to create custom search engine

1). Goto  and sign in with your Gmail address and password.

2). From the dashboard click on *Add* button. Another page will display for you, now type your blog url into the *Sites to search* box e.g then scroll down and click *create* check screenshot below.

3). After finish creating now click on *control panel* and turn on *search the entire web*.

4). Go back to the previous page and click on *Get code* button.

5). Now copy the code in the box above and paste it to anywhere you want the custom search to appear on your blog.
But i suggest you paste the code in the *sidebar* layout.

Congratulations you have successfully completed the task, now it time to check the custom search engine whether it working fine.

To test, type any word into the custom search box and see. My here i type "pauloyewole" and i search, this was the results.

You can see including custom search in your blog is as simple as ABC.

Note: Google search custom works perfectly on any kind of cms such as google custom search wordpress, google custom search blogger, google custom search wix etc.

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