how to create ads.txt file for adsense and media net

What is Ads.txt?

Ads.txt refers to Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) which is initiated by ads.txt project to support transparency in digital media transactions.

Why you should install Ads.txt file on your blog

☀️ Ads.txt helps advertisers like (Google AdSense, etc.) to identify if someone else is trying to counterfeit inventory in your name. Meaning that no one can use your publisher account to monetize their blog unless you grant them access to it.

☀️ Ads.txt helps advertising networks optimize a blog for earning.
Have you ever thought about how (Google AdSense, are able to detect/recognize when a visitors or readers on your blog click or made and impression on adverts? I guess you have not been curious about that. But i can tell you the secret today; it actually the work of the Ads.txt file that is present on your blog.
So without it your earning revenue might not increase.

And also take note: advertisers are terminating publisher account that do not installed Ads.txt file on their blog.
Which am very sure many publisher accounts that were banned/terminated from (Google AdSense and are because of this.

So if you have not installed it on your blog kindly do that now, by following the below steps.

Let get started!!!

First: let us get the "Ads.txt file" from and Google AdSense.

How to get ads.txt file from

Goto and login your details
From your dashboard select *Ads.txt settings* and click on *view* from the pop up page. Then copy the "ads.txt" file in the box.

How to get ads.txt file from Google AdSense

First go to your Google AdSense account and grab your publisher id, which is pub-000001111122222.

Then copy the below ads.txt and remember to replace the pub-000001111122222 with your own publisher id., pub-0000011112222, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Where to paste ads.txt file in blogger

1). Goto
From the left hand side of the dashboard select *settings* and click on *search preference*

Note: the search preference is use by search engines to get to your site, so don't touch anything if you are not mentored.

2). After clicking on *search preference*, now locate *monetization* and click on *edit* next to *custom ads txt* then select "yes"

3). Now paste the *ads.txt file* which your advertising network gives to you into the box and save the settings.

That is all, now Google AdSense or will be able to read your blog traffics and also detect frauds.

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