How to configure AdSense on Blogger and skyrocket your earnings

Adding Adsense code to your blogger blog after gaining approval isn't enough to start earning cool money, infact my research and experience made me to understand that many blogspot bloggers losses 50%--- 70% in revenues due to lack of good Adsense configuration which many of you just like me are not aware of, and what really made me curious about my Adsense earnings was when i started receiving organic traffics and my earnings is not skyrocketing, atimes my clicks are way too low or no clicks coming in at all, then i realized my Adsense isn't configured properly, so i started carrying out some experiment on my blog and after some days the numbers of clicks increased and my earnings skyrocket.

So here in this article i will explain to you how i configured and optimise my blogspot blog Adsense for great earnings.

Let me start with creation of adverts unit in Adsense dashboard.

1). Start by creating three adverts unit and adds them to your blog: This is essential because auto adverts doesn't works perfectly on desktop and when you integrate adverts code, surely you will not be missing out in earnings on desktop.

The adverts unit you are to create and the best place to add these codes in your blog is: before your blog navigation menu, sidebar, above your blog footer and make sure they are all "display & responsive" adverts unit.

So to create ads unit for those who don't know. just go to your Adsense dashboard and select Ads and click create ads units.

2). After adding the codes to your blogger blog, now return to your Adsense dashboard, select and turn on all of these "Ads" turn on auto ads", "match contents ads", "optimise existing ads", "widescreen ads", "vigette ads".

3). Adsense auto adverts control slider should be set to meddle: This many bloggers are making huge mistakes by increasing it frequency. Why, the reason is; when we increase the slider more than the meddle then we want a lot of adverts to showed up on our blogs right? yes, but reverse is the case because it will take some time before adverts show up and that will result to low adverts clicks but if it in it's balance position i bet you adverts will show up as fast as possible and your clicks will increase. Again, know that when the the slider is at the meddle much adverts will showed up than when you increased the adverts frequency.

That is all about configuring Adsense on Blogger for great earnings.

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece, feel free to drop off your comment, share and always visit for latest updates.