How to check website for adsense approval

Knowing if your website is ready for adsense is something you should never joke with because if you don't know and you apply when your website isn't ready for monetization you will certainly got rejected and many tries could get your domain sandboxed, meaning to gain approval with such domain will be hard. So before i proceed read this article about things to put in place before applying for Adsense and then you can now ask yourself is my website ready for adsense? to know use the below.

How to check website for adsense approval

1). You can use an online adsense approval checker tools to know whether your blog is ready for adsense monetization, and do know that these tools are not 100% accurate but it at least show you somethings to fix.

2). Ask someone an expert precisely that knows more about Adsense approval process to visit and scan your website for you, then him/she will tell you what to fix.

3). Post your blog or website link on Google Adsense forum for product experts to check and tell you things to put in place before applying for Adsense.

4). Put yourself in the position of the person that will check your website and see if your website is worthy of the approval.

5). After going through step 1---3 and the online tool and people are saying you are not doing it right and you are certain you followed Adsense criteria please try your luck by applying to see if you could be approved or rejected, but make sure you don't apply serially without fixing whatever things if rejected because it will got your blog or website sandboxed and gaining approval will not be easy with such domain name.

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