How to add comment box in blogger

One important thing a blogger should take note after creating a blog is to "give rooms for comments".
Blog readers loves an interactive blog where they can easily ask questions pertaining a post they read and sometimes they may even have some corrections to make on a post you wrote, as no one is perfect or above mistakes, through the comments box they can easily tell you where you are missing out.

In addition, including comments box under your blog posts can also increase your blog rating on (search engines) because the more time visitors spend on your blog asking questions and receiving answers the more your blog will be rated over others.

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How to activate comments box on blogger

To activate comments box on blogger is not that difficult and most times it is set automatically by default to be displaying at the button of each posts. But if yours is not appearing under every post then you can follow the below steps to activate it again.

Steps to activate comments box on blogger

1). Sign into your account on
Select "setting" from the dashboard and click on "posts, comments and sharing".

2). Under "comments" click on the drop down menu next to "comment location" and change it from "hide" to "embedded", leave the remaining settings and click " save setting" button. Check screenshot below.

If the above did not work for you then you can consider moving to the next step.

1). Goto each post and click on "edit" button.
2). From the top right corner of the post which you have selected, click on "post settings".
3). Select "options" and click "allow" under reader comments.

4). Click done and "update" the post.

That is all go back and visit your website, you will see comments box under each posts.

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